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Home Concierge Services

St. Simons Coastal Realty Logo We provide full service property management through our sister company St. Simons Coastal Realty.


1 inspection per month - $45.00
2 inspections per month - $75.00
4 inspections per month - $100.00

Quotes, repairs and management of outside contractors and/or service personnel will be billed at $45/hr. plus 20% surcharge on outside vender invoices. (Hourly services are billed at the minimum of one hour and then additional time in 1/4 hour increments).

Most general maintenance and repairs can be handled in house to provide our clients a service that is affordable. (When outside contractors are necessary, only reputable and professional trades are called upon).

Base Service (General Interior & Exterior Inspection)

  • Inspect overall condition of the home
  • Check security of all windows & doors
  • General appliance check
  • Plumbing & Water heater check
  • Check furnace/AC
  • Check for water leaks inside & out
  • Check for rodent or insect damage or infestation
  • Report on all hired service personnel (we will be your eyes & ears)
  • Start vehicles

Based on our initial consultation, we will jointly decide what level of attention your home will require based on your specific needs. Home Concierge Services can provide additional attention and services at your discretion.

During each scheduled visit, we will have your personalized, approved checklist. After the inspection, a completed checklist will be mailed, faxed or emailed to you according to your specifications. In the event something in your home needs attention, you will be notified immediately and together we will determine the best course of action. That said, no work will begin without your prior approval of cost and scope of work.

More Services To Consider

  • Home cleaning services
  • Everyday home maintenance & repair services
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Landscaping services and maintenance
  • Bill pay assistance
  • Professional building or office inspections and maintenance
  • Personal Concierge Services

Our goal is to give you 100% peace of mind!

Through an experienced team and established relationships with outside professional trades, you can rest assured Home Concierge Services will provide honest and dependable support for your needs at competitive rates.

If there are items not appearing in this outline, which are pertinent to your home or personal needs, we will add them. All services may be purchased on an as needed basis, including general inspections. (Rates are determined by the scope of work needed).

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